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      1. Welcome to KC Dental.

        Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Serving Northwest Austin

        About Us

        KC Dental was founded by Dr. Kyleen Chen in July of 2006, and since then our office has grown tremendously.

        Our team includes:

        • Kyleen Chen, DDS
        • Court Wilson, DDS
        • Jennifer Fu, DDS
        • Sid Gupta, BDS MS
        • Steven Hansen, DDS MS
        • David Burden, DDS
        • Our Staff

        We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services because at KC Dental, "the patient always comes first."

        Our Office

        view of dental clinic


        In addition to our general services, we have in-office specialists that provide services such as implant placement and root canal treatment, which eliminates the need for our patients to travel to specialists offices to receive their dental treatment.

        Our office utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to ensure we provide the best family, cosmetic, and specialty dentistry services in the Northwest Austin area.

        More details:

        New Patients

        Now accepting new patients!

        As a family dentistry practice, we welcome both adults and children, and accept most major PPO insurance, both in-network and out-of-network.

        We are in-network providers for these insurance companies:

        Don't see your insurance company? Please call to verify, as we add new plans frequently.

        No insurance? No problem.

        We also welcome new patients based on fee-for-service. We offer discounts and flexible payment plans for patients without insurance. We also provide no interest payment plans with Care Credit.

        Major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only) are accepted.


        We are conveniently located in the Parmer/McNeil Plaza, at the intersection of Parmer Lane and McNeil Road in Northwest Austin.

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